Bespoke Luxury Travel

Our top 10 tips to tick off your checklist before you travel

Check ABTA travel advice and holiday information before booking and before travel

Have you got baggage covered? Most airlines now charge at the airport and often at inflated. Pre book an allowance at a reduced rate saving the hassle at the gate.

Book early. Of course it’s obvious but the earlier you book the better. Particularly if you want the best pick of hotels and room types.

Check your mobile supplier for charges on roaming whilst abroad. All suppliers have different rates, coming home to a high phone bill is the last thing you want.

Get yourself a pre-paid MasterCard. It is a simple and effective way to manage spending and more importantly safe. Good option for a cruise.

Don’t like the hustle and bustle of an airport? Check in early and get yourself an airport lounge. They can be quieter, with more room to relax and also include drinks and snacks. Prices start from around £20 per person. Ask us for more details or to pre-book.

Are you covered by travel insurance? Get travel insurance as soon as you book that is very important! If you travel a couple of times a year an annual policy maybe cheaper. Ask our experts for a quote and the best options for your travel arrangements.

Hotel review sites. These can be extremely handy when choosing your own holiday, but please remember it is just someone’s opinion and not necessarily yours.

Check your passport! Remember to check the validity. Preferably recommended before booking. Also remember to book your reservation with the same name that appears on your passport. Some charges could result in full cancellation and re booking.

Check excursion prices before you travel. This can save huge amounts of time and money on your holiday. Nobody wants to waste that precious time away or worse get ripped off. It is often cheaper to pre book tours and you get tickets before you go, beating ques and problems. Ask our advisors for advice and prices we will be more than happy to assist.